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Take A Look At Our Numbers

Ok, so it’s plain to see from the image above, that we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to making money online, over $1,500,000 generated in commissions in just 2 years...that’s an average of over $75,000 per month or $2500 per day.

$2500 PER DAY
So you can now see that we know how to generate affiliate income and income from products outside of the normal run of the mill launch model.

In just the last six months alone we have earned over $140,000 just from our backend follow ups.

This means the funnels that we have set on our follow ups to new subscribers have earned us over $800 per day.

$800 PER DAY
Our funnels convert, and they convert very well, sometimes as high as 50% or more of the people coming into our funnels convert into extra cash for us...

Do you know why they convert and they convert so well?

Because most of the products that we have in our funnels are our own tried and tested, from low cost entry to high ticket. We know they convert and we have split tested over and over again to ensure that these funnels are built to convert.

We construct funnels that turn viewers into buyers, and freebie seekers into hardened fans.

conversion funnel graphic here

But Why Are We Telling You All This? Is It To Brag?

Not at all. Quite the contrary, we are showing you all this because we have now built an opportunity where you can earn along side of us. Richard Fairbairn and Paul Okeeffe two super affiliates... Everything we send into these funnels you can get a percentage of it.

As an example, a subscriber comes into one of our funnels. He goes through all the follow ups. After the engagement emails he then decides to… Buy a lower end priced software with funnel upsell at $128 Then he also buys into our higher priced offer $297 So in the first week he spends $435 And we are going to give you $217.50

Giving You $217.50!

Thinking that you read that wrong

But no you heard me correct from that $435 sale we will give you $217.50, probably the easiest 200+ bucks you will ever make. There has to be some catch right?

The only thing you need to do is give something away for free. And we will take care of the rest.

Here Is Exactly What We Will Do To Make That Happen

1. Engage that subscriber. With free content that we have created or that we own, video courses, software and free training.

2. Put that subscriber into one of our high paying funnels. Where the software has cost $10,000’s to develop, the copy is proven to convert. And we will do that over and over again.

3. Send that subscriber affiliate promotions with bonuses that costs $1000’s to create and service.

4. Support, engage and make that subscriber profitable beyond anything you could ever imagine.


Introducing the ‘Underground Affiliate System’

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This is the simplest system on the planet that will help you make money online for the lowest amount of time invested.

To do what we can now do for you inside the Underground Affiliate System would take you years of hard work and $100,000’s of hard earned cash would need to be invested.

BUT right here today, you can save all that time & money, and skip right to the front of the income league.

We Have A Full Team Behind Us Who Will Be Working To Maximise The Subscriber For The Best Return For You

And Most Of All The Talents Of Two Super Affiliate’s

Richard Fairbairn and Paul Okeeffe have generated millions of dollars in affiliate sales online, and now all our efforts will be focused on making you that sale. We will be running the Underground Affiliate System right alongside our own business.

This is a win win scenario

If you send a lead we don’t get paid until we turn that lead into a sale for you!

Remember That!

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